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  • Donald Schupak
  • Chairman
  • New York, NY

Donald Schupak, founder and CEO of Schupak Group, has a successful track record as chairman, chief executive officer and chief operating officer of a number of public and private companies and as a strategy consultant to companies including several Fortune 100 companies. His engagements have ranged from consulting for IBM to retainers by investment banks and institutional investors to develop and manage turnaround strategies for troubled investments. He served for two years as Chairman, CEO and President of Horn & Hardart, an American Stock Exchange company, during which time he successfully turned around and restructured the company's restaurant and hospitality operations and refocused the company as a direct marketing retailer, more than doubling revenues of its direct marketing subsidiary to over $500 million and increasing its earnings by more than 400%. Prior to his activities in management and finance, Donald founded his own law firm in NYC specializing in corporate law, taxation, reorganizations and finance. He also negotiated the 1976 sale of American Basketball Association team the Spirits of St. Louis to the National Basketball Association in a transaction referred to in Sports Illustrated as the best sports deal of the century. In the 1990s he authored a new education model for New York City's public high schools and founded the High School for Leadership and Public Service, a public sector/private sector partnership